Monday, January 12, 2009

What's New and What's Coming

Hi Everyone! This is Rheanna.
I'm not quite as savvy as Miss Mymby herself on here, so please excuse my less than perfect pictures and lack of links in this post. I've added some new items into Mymby Extras (click on the side bar link to see pictures and prices). There's new booties, women's hats, washcloths, mittens and purses. I've also added the option of having flowers added to the ruffle hats-or any hat for that matter for an extra $2!
What's coming:
Pictures of the flowers on the hats.
Also, soon we will have baby/toddler cardigans available for boys and girls. Price $15-20 (depending on size). I would have had a picture, but it's already gone, so I'll have to make more!
Remember: Most the crocheted items posted are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Currently I have navy blue, black, lavender, blush pink, white, yellow, dusty rose, orange and maroon available, but I can get most colors at request.
Happy shopping and thanks for looking!

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