Friday, November 21, 2008

Up, Up, and Away!

It's here! The Mymby launch!

Just in time for your holiday shopping!

And of course, to kick things off right-a GIVEAWAY! Because who doesn't love free?

Here's what you do: Cruise around, find your favorite Mymby item. 
(Check out The Mymby Goods links over there on the left <-------- to link to Mymby Aprons, Baby, Extras and Tutus)

Go to your blog and post about it linking up to either the Mymby page on which your item is found, or here to the Mymby homepage. Leave a comment on this post letting us know where you posted (link us back to your blog) and you're entered! 
Any purchase also gets you an entry! (prices are listed on each separate page; for example, Apron prices are listed in the left hand column at Mymby Aprons)

Don't have a blog?  Email the Mymby link and mention that in your comment here.

So what's the giveaway? $20 in Mymby goods! Buy an apron, a tutu (or two!) or load up on hair accessories. You can even pick your own custom project!

Guys-don't think this one is only for the ladies. Throw the Mymby link up on your blog too! Think how great it would be to get your shopping started before Christmas Eve-and not even have to pay for it, or leave the house! And you know your little princess will love you forever when you bestow any gift involving tulle! (that would be the tutus) And if you happen to know your way around the kitchen, or need a little coverage for working the grill, stay tuned for some "manly" aprons coming your way.

Make sure you stay tuned for updates, there are a number of items that haven't been posted yet, but will make their appearances soon!

You have until Monday December 8th at midnight (mountain time) to enter.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 9th!  


Heidi B C said...

I put a post about your blog on my blog. I'm so impressed with your guys' stuff. I'll get the word out! Love it all!

Lisa said...


Posted about you here...


Kelsey said...

i {heart} mymby.

Erica said...

Hello, its Surfby57 from PW!! I just sent an email off to another mommy friend of mine in PA, i know she'll be visiting your site in no time =)

CloughClan said...

I want to enter the giveaway!! I posted about your blog on mine at


Patti said...

I would like to enter. I just emailed your link to 7 friends including my mom and MIL. OH, this is mommy_patti from July 08
I also posted a link here, but I have been slacking on my blog. I will get back to it though.

Anonymous said...

It's northidahogurl from PW! I sent an email to my sister. She would LOVE all your tutus!

The Tills said...

SUPER CUTE! I love it all! I am sending an e*mail to a mommy friend of mine. Thank you

Britt Wright said...

I am totally in. I wrote about your new store at I am excited for you guys! Oh and by the way...I love your aprons!!!

Ray & Sara said...

Love it love it, Catey! Posted here:

KJae said...

That's where I gave you a raving review! I love the hats I just purchased from you, and for so little cost! Thanks again!! My niece will be so happy with a darling little girl in hats. : )